September 17, 2020


9 of 11 members present = Quorum.


Members Present:

Principal Stanbrook

Facilitator – Ms. Dean

Elementary Rep – Ms. Sood

MS Rep – Mr. McMinimy (Mr. Davis)

Ex Ed Rep – Mr. Howsden

Classified – Ms. Danielle & Ms. Vanessa

Community Member – Ms. Lopez

Parent (s) – Elena Alvarez, Orlinda Nunez


Members Absent:

Unfilled Parent/Guardian Position

Unfilled Parent/Guardian Position


New Business:

  1. Meeting called to order at 8:50.
  2. Minutes from last meeting approved by members.
  3. New Business:

a.       Introduction of members.

b.       Budget Review – Undesignated Funds. Report by Ms. Danielle. Motion to adopt review as presented by Mr. Davis. Seconded by Mr. Mc Minimy. Approved unanimously.

c.       Field Trip scholarships and transportation - Moved by Ms. Lopez. Seconded by Mr.Davis. Approved unanimously.

d.       Athletic official fees and tournaments - Moved by Mr. Mc Minimy. Seconded by Miss Vanessa. Approved unanimously.

e.       Stipend for Elementary Track & Basketball Coach. Information by Ms. Danielle re: providing same stipend as similar positions at other schools. Brief discussion. Motion to approve stipend by Ms. Dean. Seconded by Ms. Sood. Approved unanimously.

f.        Principal Stanbrook  - Benchmarks. Principal reported that scores are higher than last year in first quarter and outlined incentives and rewards for students meeting the guidelines. Discussion about what that means for the school and students. Consensus that this is the direction that we want to be going.

g.       Review/Amend By Laws. Discussion re: Governing Board Policies about mandatory members. Motion by Mr. Mc Minimy to change wording from 'parents' to 'parents and guardians' in Section II: Membership of Site Council. Seconded by Mr. Davis. Approved unanimously.


Old Business: None.


Adjourn: 9:14.

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